The singular aim of ISFUND is to aid the Ministry of Health and its allied organizations to find a solution to the almost $100 million expenditure that GAVI spends each year on immunizations in Ghana.

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  • Our Believe

    We, at ISFUND believe that vaccine preventable diseases should not be allowed to end the lives of our future generations, hence our collective support to mobilize funds for immunizations of children.

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  • Join to Save A Life Today

    Childhood free from Vaccine Preventable Diseases is important for National Growth and Development. A Healthy Child is a Joy to Behold, Let Us Be their Voices as We do Our Parts in Supporting Them.

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  • Donate Now

    Your Donations will Ensure Uninterrupted Immunization to Save the 1 million Children Born Every Year in Ghana from Vaccine Preventable Diseases. This is a Sure Way to Sustain Childhood Immunizations.

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  • Strengthened Immunization System

    One of the Most Important things You Can Do for that Vulnerable Child Born into this World is to Provide a Strengthened National Immunizations System that Secures Their Future.

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Welcome Letter From The Founder

Dear Friends,
I have seen scores of children die on daily basis in our National Health Facilities from Measles and other Immunization Preventable Diseases, with heartbroken Parents, and frustrated Health Professionals. This was before the advent of Gavi, The Vaccine Alliance’s Quality Vaccines supply Interventions in the year 2000, to 73 Eligible Countries, including Ghana.

Through this Gavi Intervention, the Vaccines that used to take between 10 to 20 years before reaching these poor Eligible Countries because of its high cost were now getting to them as soon as they were ready! Thanks to Gavi The Vaccine Alliance’s Model for Mobilizing Funds to support both Industry to produce assured quality Vaccine Doses for Purchase, and to Countries that have Children to be Immunized on subsidized bases.

Thankfully, Ghana has not had any Deaths from Measles since the year 2003, and has been Polio Free Status since 2008 (MOH/GHS 2016 Annual Report). Equally, since the introduction of Rotavirus and Pneumonia Conjugate Vaccine (PCV) in 2012 in Ghana, Infant Mortality and Morbidity rates had dropped significantly. Parents now rejoice that their Children are living Healthily due to their protection with Quality Vaccines.

Unfortunately, Ghana’s Economic Improvement clashes with Gavi's Graduation/ Transition Policy that weans Eligible Countries off Gavi's Support once their GNI hits US$ of 1,500.00 +. Thus, Ghana is estimated to fully graduate from Gavi by 2025. In the meantime, Ghana is currently struggling to pay Gavi its Co-financing/subsidy for the vaccines they are supporting Ghana with.

FUGI has therefore Instituted the Immunization Sustainability Fund - ISFUND; to Mobilize Funds domestically, from individuals, families, organizations, Philanthropists, Donors, Corporations, etc., and to invest to support the Government of Ghana, to continue purchasing quality vaccines for our Ghanaian Children. And maximize the support that Gavi, The Vaccine Alliance had given to Ghana over the years.

We must not allow Children of the future generations in Ghana to become prey to preventable diseses, nor cause untold pains to parents/families once again.

A healthy Child is a Joy to behold! Let us be their Voice! Join us to Grow ISFUND for the Ghanaian Child and eventually for ALL Children in Africa.


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