Mr. Ahuma Adodoadji

Ahuma completed his graduate studies in the University of London and, has worked for three decades in the Development and Humanitarian sector. He served in various leadership capacities in World Vision, Carter Center, MAP International, World Relief, CARE USA and Plan USA where he served as President/CEO At CARE USA he led an Emergency Capacity Building initiative that brought 7 agencies (CRS, IRC, Save the Children, Mercy Corps, World Vision and CARE) together.

This project was funded by the Gates Foundation. (2002 to 2005) After spending years fighting global poverty, he has concluded that Enterprise needs to be deployed as an additional tool to fight global poverty and improve the lives of the poor. He founded AFRILINK Entrepreneurs International in 2010, to advance this agenda.

Ahuma sees the potential and the need of ISFUND to promote the health of children in Ghana and Africa against preventable immunizable diseases, and is now strategically guiding ISFUND to rise in Ghana and Africa.