Dr. Doris Dartey

A top-notch Communication Professional with over two decades experience in Journalism, Higher Educational Administration and Teaching, Training, Conducting Organizational Diagnostic Studies, and in Designing Successful Communication Campaigns aimed at Improving Corporate Communication, Organizational Processes, Public Relations, and Effecting Behavioral Change.

She had her Ph.D., Organizational Communication at School of Communication, Ohio University, Athens Ohio, in 1996 after her Master of Arts in International Affairs; Development Communication, at Ohio University, Athens, Ohio, 1992.

She is a Passionate Environmentalist who also seeks to Promote Social Inclusion; Has Undertaken Assignments for Several Ghanaian Organizations (e.g. Environmental Protection Agency, Ministry of Local Government, Ghana Re-Insurance Company, STAR Ghana) as well as International Organizations (e.g. NDF, AfDB, The World Bank, UNDP, UNICEF, GIZ, CIDA, JICA, FAO, UNILEVER) in Liberia, Ethiopia and Jamaica.

Her passion for the promotion of social inclusion makes her identify forcefully with ISFUND. She therefore used her communication strategies to help launch ISFUND and now seeks to see the Rise and Spread of ISFUND throughout Ghana and Africa.