Frequently Asked Questions

  • Being a Public Private Partnership, how do you intend to work when governments are changed in your country?

    Every Government has a Constitutional Responsibility to ensure that children receive the best health care per the various International “Rights” that Ghana currently consents to, including the Rights of the Child. If this is to become a reality, then Governments, irrespective of their Political Coloring have no Option but to work with the ISFUND to continue the Support of the Irreplaceable work of providing Immunization to all Children in the Country

  • Is ISFUND ready and well positioned to corporate with each government in this quest?

    The ISFUND intends to work with governments right from its beginning ensuring that funds are mobilized timely enough to maintain and sustain momentum in childhood immunization coverage and for children yet unborn.

    FUGI will continue to collaborate with whichever government is in power at any time, maintaining the place of the positions of officials irrespective of the government in power. i.e. if say a Minister of Health is on the ISFUND board and loses his position due to a change in government, whoever becomes the new Minister of Health will replace the old one on the ISFUND board.

  • How can ISFUND work as an independent body to champion immunization in Ghana?

    The ISFUND is an initiative of FUGI, an NGO that is independent. The ISFUND is going to work as an independent body spearheaded by FUGI, its independence would hinge on the authority vested in it by the Public Private Partnership (PPP).

    The ISFUND will be managed by a board that will regularly update the people of Ghana on its financial dealings.

    The Management and Leadership of the fund would keep an interactive web site that will regularly inform the globe of their activities.

    The independence of the ISFUND to champion immunization in Ghana stems from the immense expertise of management and founding members. As people who have served on similar bodies/boards around the globe, The Ghanaian populace would benefit from the professionalism and passionate approach to the fund. This would even create absolute confidence in the independence of the ISFUND.

  • In what ways is ISFUND going to be accountable and transparent to its partners?

    The ISFUND would be managed by professionals who would be accountable to its partners. Donations made from the fund for purposes of immunization would be made public.

    Half year and Annual Accounts would be published in newspapers for public awareness on the management of finances of the ISFUND.

    Accounts will be made public; it would also include investments that are made with the funds and all profits accruing to the fund.