How To Become A Funding Partner

Future Generations International (FUGI), the Civil Society Organization spearheading this initiative, is therefore asking the President of countries to support FUGI in birthing this innovative Financing Mechanism for Childhood Immunization, hence, ISFUND.

Corporate bodies have been supportive of programs such as beauty pageants and football promotions. Hence, it is indeed worth noting that it is when children stay healthy and free from ‘polio’ that they end up as ‘Beauty Queens’ and ‘Top Footballers’. The Private Sector is a potential partner in mobilizing and investing funds to support this laudable initiative to preserve the lives of children. Therefore, it is important to encourage corporate bodies, organizations and individuals to help support the health promotion of our children by contributing to the success of ISFund.

The EPIC study found that the cost per fully immunized child was about US$ 60 in Ghana. As at 2014 Ghana had under five mortality of 60 per 1000 live births, the threats of vaccine preventable diseases (measles and polio) still exist.

ISFUND believes vaccine preventable diseases should not be allowed to end the lives of our future generations.

Below are the vaccine immunizable killer diseases that your support will help to reduce or better still prevent in the lives of the Ghanaian child:

Tuberculosis (BCG) Diphtheria Pnuemonia Measles
Poliomyelitis Pertussis Rota Virus/ Diarrhoea Rubella
  Tetanus   Yellow Fever
  Hepatitis A/B   Meningitis A
  Influenza (Hib)