Mr. Harry Setornu Dei

Harry Setorwu Dei is a Regenerative Healthcare Provider and a Pastor. He is the Herbal and Regen health Consultant at the Golden Herbal and Regenerative Clinic in Accra and Ho and pastors in Winners Chapel Ghana, Ho.

He invented and patented the potent antimalarial herbal drug called Golden Malacure. His other formulations are Golden Uterovino, Golden Herbatone and Golden Vivabitters all approved and registered by the Foods and Drugs Authority in Ghana, and are Drugs of Choice in Government Hospitals and some private clinics.

He is a passionate radio Health Educator and Conference Speaker on holistic healthcare. He attended several workshops and conferences organized by the Foods and Drugs Authority, Ministry of Health and others.

He is an executive member of Ghaftram, the umbrella body of all natural medicine practitioners in Ghana. He has a wide range of experience in herbal and natural medicine practice and has worked in related fields since 1987.

He is married to Harriet Georgina Dei with two children Etiam and Edjeani and lives in Accra and Ho. His hobbies include reading, singing and travelling.

His desire is to work to establish the Immunization Sustainability Fund (ISFUND) in Ghana that would help end all childhood preventable diseases in Ghana and Africa as a whole.