Mr. Katey Cabutey-Adodoadji

Katey Cabutey-Adadoadji is the Chief Executive Officer of Steelcore Technologies, a company that seeks to add value to the steel industry through a technology-driven approach and in the process revolutionize the entire steel handling procedures in West Africa.

Katey has over 10 years of experience in growing and leading successful logistics and publication companies. He began his career with Gazette Group, starting as the business development manager, he subsequently assumed the role of director of marketing and then became the CEO of the company. During his period at Gazette, he led a 2 year transformation of sales by increasing the revenue of the company.

He later moved to set up Quantum Storex with some business associates, where he was appointed as the CEO. Throughout his 5 year service to Quantum there was a phenomenal year on year increase in revenue inflows (Quantum Storex), Katey established Steelcore Technologies in the year 2014 and currently holds the portfolio as C.E.O of both companies.

Katey loves to see children in a healthy and sound manner, and this has been his singular motivation to help push the agenda of ISFUND across the continent of Africa.