Mr. Michael Kwesi Essel

Michael Kwesi Essel is an expert Information Technology (IT) Specialist with about ten years of practical experience, providing IT Supports Services to small, medium and large companies. He can use basic computer programs such as Microsoft Office, Adobe Professional Suits and other open source applications to prepare accurate Information Technology (IT) Support tools to make work accurate, fast and easy.

The skills he possesses include but not limited to Research, Monitoring & Evaluations, Data Entry and Analysis, Website Design & Programming, Search Engine Optimization, Content Management & Writing, Writing of Business Proposals & Reports (regularly to aid in monitoring), Graphic Designing, Database Management, File & Folder Management, Desktop Publishing, General Printing & Publications, E-Marketing, Photo Editing, among others.

He also practiced as a Monitoring and Evaluations Officer in about four Civil Society Organizations- CSOs (Future Generations International-FUGI, African Women International-AFWI, Child Evangelism Fellowship-CEF Ghana, and Ghana Blue Cross Society), where he helped them to prepare accurate M&E tools for their activities. This, he did for about five years. His backgrounds in Economics, Sociology and Psychology from the University of Ghana, Legon, also equipped him to apply basic academic principles in achieving project goals.

He currently serves in his own capacity as the CEO and President of KEM Publications, a freelance Website Development and Graphic Design Enterprise, which he has managed for the past eight years. He is also the E-Marketing Officer or Digital Consultant for Road Safety & Transportation Consultancies Limited (RSTC), a company whose main mission is about the reduction of road crashes and the prolonging of vehicles’ lifespan through its specialized drivers’ training program dubbed Driving Management Science (DMS).

He has done a number of consultancy assignments for some organizations. In his recent one, he completed a research as a Research Officer aimed at finding the Citizens’ Perception on Public Financial Management and Urban Services Delivery of the MMDAs at End-of-Project Review, organized by the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development. He also served as the External Project Monitoring & Evaluation Consultant for the AFWI/OSIWA women in leadership empowerment project in 2017, Research Assistant (Consultant) in the 2015 countrywide State of the Public Service Report organized by Public Services Commission in 2016, Project Assistant (Consultant) in the 2015 nationwide Human Resource Audit also organized by the Public Services Commission, and as an Enumerator (Consultant) in the 2014 Mid-Term National Citizen’s Perception Survey Project organized by the Ministry Of Local Government and Rural Development, Ghana.

Michael has worked at the grassroots of communities both in rural and urban areas of the country and supports the need for the establishment of ISFUND, hence, to raise funds to finance all childhood immunizations in the country. He holds the view that ISFUND can be one of the civic responsibilities of Ghanaians home and abroad.